Group Training

Timetable of $5 group fitness for Hawkesbury Fitness- at No Limits Gym, Richmond NSW

Monday 9.30am- Cardio Boxing!

Tuesday 9.30am- Circuit

Friday 9.30am- Pilates/stretch

All welcome! Only $5 for members and casual visitors at No Limits.

 You can come and join these classes for $5, or organise your own group or individual sessions.

Group fitness is a great way to get variety in your training and very cost effective!


What is Group Fitness

Group training is about achieving your fitness and personal goals in a group setting.  Typically, groups add valuable social and motivational aspects to your fitness training and can be a lot of fun!

Group training is a fitness program based on aerobic, resistance, and/or flexibility training.  As in personal training, I can:

  • assess your fitness
  • help you set goals and motivate you to achieve them
  • design a fitness program for your personal, medical and health needs
  • instruct you on exercise technique
  • supervise your exercise
  • provide feedback on your progress
  • educate you on aspects of exercise, nutrition, health, and lifestyle
  • work in conjunction with your health adviser.

For Whom

I can provide group training for people whose goals are:  fat loss;  improved mobility;  return from injury;  strength improvement;  weight gain;  body shape enhancement;  improved sporting performance.

A group can be of your own design, for example: mums seeking to regain their pre-baby body, friends seeking improved flexibility, parents waiting to pick up kids from school, a family, employees of a business or government agency, people preparing for an event (such as a wedding) or a competition (such as a fun run), or a sporting team.

You can establish your own group or join an existing group at No Limits Gym Richmond, NSW, or take it outside Blue Mountains National Park (Licenced EcoPass Holder)


The cost of group training varies according to the type of training, the location, and whether discounts apply.  My prices are per hour, not per person, although everyone will need to pay their own entry to the gym.

Please Contact Us to talk about fees.

More Information

You can speak directly with Principal Trainer, Tova Contact Us.

On this website, you can read testimonials and about my approach to group training.




My Bowen Therapist recommended Tova to me as I had severe sciatica.  I was in a lot of pain with arthritis in my back and couldn’t move much.


I did the 12-week body transformation to lose some fat and gain some fitness.  When I started I had weakness and degeneration in my knees and couldn’t do much weight bearing exercise.